Scheme Introduction

Based on the basis of system construction, renewal, operation and maintenance for international insurance companies, Liandi Information provides high-quality and optimal solution services using insurance business theory and information technology. It has achieved a lot in insurance backbone system construction, insurance payment system, maritime cargo insurance system, fire association system, accounting system, anti-social information management system, etc.

Damage Insurance System Configuration Illustration
Life Insurance System Configuration Illustration
Typical System Case Introductions

Fire Association System: Property damage insurance industry products for fire insurance, including a set of business, such as association member management, agency management, accident acceptance, insurance claim payment, overhead expenses request management, complaint management, accounting, etc.
Maritime Cargo Insurance Support System: Property damage insurance industry products for maritime cargo insurance, including a set of business, such as basic insurance contract management, claim acceptance, insurance premium payment, insurance expiration management, clause and treaty customization, network insurance consultation, insurance purchase application, etc.
Insurance Premium Payment System: Life insurance industry backbone system includes a set of business, such as complaint registration, audit, insurance expense accounting and quotation, insurance premium payment examination and approval, insurance premium payment, receipt registration, progress consultation, workflow customization, etc.
Mutual Aid Fee Calculation System:In the insurance industry, mutual aid is the form of insurance products that take risks together offered by National Mutual Aid Organizations to share risks, It provides mutual aid fee management in aspects of national mutual aid, livelihood mutual aid, automobile mutual aid.