What is "Agile"

Agile development is the collective name of lightweight development techniques group which can develop software rapidly and adaptively. Among them, scrum is an agile development framework that simplifies the development process, flexibly responds to changes, and gives a policy of regularly completing releasable software.

Scrum Introduction and Growth Map

Liandi Information introduced scrum as early as 2010, learning knowledge while putting into practice. Over a year, more than 10 scrum masters have been nurtured. In addition, formal curriculum projects were initiated under the guidance of external professional companies. There are both successful projects and failures. As a special subject implemented by offshore, we can reflect on it in practice, and also discuss the scrum guideline which conforms to CMML-L5, which is not recorded in textbooks. Putting the success of the case first, Liandi Information can flexibly choose the most suitable implementation method to provide the best service for customers.

Comparison of QCD Management

Compared with the traditional waterfall type, scrum has some advantages. By publishing each fully tested, independent, valuable little function, even if one function is wrong, it can minimize the impact on other functions. And problems we can be found early and solved in time. Through active PO (Product Owner) communication, the project plan can be adjusted at any time. Compared with the waterfall type, the dependence on the plan is greatly reduced.

Definitions of "Ready" and "Done"
Achievements & Strengths

In the seven years since the introduction of scrum, Liandi has implemented more than 30 cases in many business areas. There are not only small team with three persons, but also large team more than 180 persons.

Liandi has been highly praised by customers many times, and will make full use of its knowhow and continue to provide customers with high value services.