Legacy Issues

1, The application structure becomes complicated, and the influence of modification can not be grasped.
2, Loss of knowhow due to deviation of maintenance data and aging of maintenance personnel.
3, Expensive hardware lease fee and software rental fee squeeze cost.
4, Anxiety due to the expiration of the operating system and hardware warranty

Selection of Migration Method

In order to solve the problems of the legacy system, according to customer's needs, we will provide system migration service in three ways.


The "rebuild" method completely reproduces legacy systems from business flows to applications and infrastructure!


Rewrite the application and data structures and escape from the spaghetti state!


Replace OS, hardware and software versions, and make full use of existing application assets!


In our actual achievements, there are also combinations of the above methods. For example, judging whether business processes need to be changed or not in subsystem items, the subsystems that need to be changed will be "rebuild", and the subsystems that need not will be migrated with "rewrite"/"rehost" methods.

Most source code can be replaced automatically by using our automatic replacement toolkit. Therefore, the cost can be controlled substantially and the quality can be homogenized. We have accumulated a lot of practical results, which can correspond to all kinds of languages and environments!

A migration implementation flow of an internal management system of a major company

The migration policy is first confirmed with the customer

1, Screen item naming rules are unified.
2, Source codes are batch converted with standard tools.
3, Macros are reorganized and implemented by the results of the survey.
4, Implement the man-correction Step 1 (based on the results of previous finding) and man-correction Step 2 (through picture dredging to find problems, solve and develop)
5, Expand horizontally the problems found during the test.

The project was a volume of more than 250 screens, but it was delivered with a shorter delivery time and higher quality than customer expected, and a letter of thanks was also received from the customer.

Features and Superiority

· By inventorying the assets of the existing system, and utilizing the specifications of the existing system to achieve efficient system migration according to the purpose of customers.
· Shift the development team to system maintenance as it is, and the cost performance of maintenance work is the best.
· Effectively utilizing tool group to reduce costs, and deliver high-quality stable products in a short time.