What is "DevOps"

DevOps is the concept of "development and operations improve business value not only by developing and using software/systems through coordination, but also by delivering business value to end users more accurately and quickly".

The whole image is as follows.

DevOps Development Mechanism(Agile + DevOps)

In order to further improve the communication and cooperation among technology development, system application and quality assurance teams, Liandi Information has established DevOps development mechanism, which can continuously deliver versions and test them from a business perspective in a short time.

Rolls and Tools of DevOps

1, By constructing a distributed development team, applications are built in a short cycle and deployed on the platform. It facilitates scale-out and hardware isolation and provides excellent agility, elasticity and portability of whole cloud to the organization.
2, The development team and operation team cooperate to promote development, providing deploy, release, and continuous integration practices quickly after source code changes. Continuous, rapid and high-quality software product activities have maximized business value.