System introduction

Computerization of medical systems is one of the business fields that incorporate computer information technology earliest. The hospital automatic reception system developed by our company is considered as a supplement to the traditional medical management system, seamlessly docking with banks, medical insurance and other departments in the company. The system integrates self-service card distribution device, self-service reception machine for diagnosis and treatment, self-service clearing machine, consultation and photocopier, etc. to provide convenient services for patients. Moreover, the workload of doctors can also be reduced, the complexity of the process can be eased, and the efficiency of hospital diagnosis can be improved.

System Function Structure

Through the automatic reception machine, patients can use various services by themselves. In addition, through cash management middleware and background business management module, the system will seamlessly connect with the bank settlement system and the existing medical information management system to further improve the functions of the hospital medical management system.

Improved Medical Care Flow
Product Merit

1, The system can accept on-site self-help diagnosis and treatment, and can also be seamlessly grounded with the existing medical information management system for diagnosis and treatment.
2, It is very convenient to provide thoughtful self-service including comprehensive diagnosis and treatment process.
3, Provide a variety of payment methods including medical insurance card, bank card, POS, cash, etc.