What is iOffice(internet office)?

As early as 2001, Liandi Information has seized the first-generation network office system products, and now it has been developed to the 5th generation. Liandi Information has developed a complete set of i-series products, which form a modern internet technology, mobile data communication technology and groupware concept platform which provides the perfect combination of enterprise collaborative office. The product family perfectly solves the problem of data isolation between various systems in the past enterprise applications, perfectly implement the information sharing and data transmission, maximizes the application value of each system, supports the company's decision-making and strengthens the management of customer service.

The i-series product family of Liandi Information can provide the most effective, easy-to-use, safe and reliable office information integration solutions for enterprises and institutions. Liandi also provides customers with comprehensive after-sales technical support services.

Product cluster introduction

In addition to the basic modules, other modules are optional to purchase! The basic module builds and configures the basic middleware and basic data necessary that the system must have. According to the user's budget, it can choose to use commercial databases with high security or provide free databases.

Function Introduction of modules

iWorkflow: It provides setting of nodes and executors for submitting and approving workflow, such as leave, purchasing, stamp, business trip, etc., to meet the daily business needs of enterprises. Node definitions can be set either personal or optional roles. If business needs, the node executor can set executor of the next node.

iHRM: According to the work calendar set by users, the data of door system card or punch-card machine and attendance pattern are used to identify the daily staff attendance and absence time. Combined with the data of leave or overtime, the daily/monthly attendance, leave and overtime time of employees are counted, and can be outputted to the personnel system to calculate wages and overtime pay.

iCalendar: It can customize the daily work plans of organizations and individuals at all levels. It can also reserve and notify others at the same time. It can also reserve shared devices synchronously. It can provide real-time reminder functions such as SMS, Email, desktop wizards, etc.

iEquipment: It can be used to reserve and return shared resource equipment, such as cars, meeting rooms, electronic equipment, to prevent resource conflicts and avoid ineffective idleness, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of shared resource equipment.

iDocument: It is used for publishing articles such as rules and regulations, operation manuals, decision announcements, etc. within the organization, and supports encrypted storage and local download.

iBook: It is used to manage book purchasing, warehousing registration, borrowing and returning within the organization. If the book is overdue, it can be rushed to return.

iTODO: It is used to set personal to-do things of employees in order to get reminders in time, to avoid work forgetting, and can set to notify others at the same time.

iVote: It can be used to vote on pending items within the organization, such as electing excellent workers, choosing tourist destinations, etc. It can restrict voting qualifications by setting organizational scope or titles.

iBBS: It can support multi-topic, multi-level forums, support anonymous publication, and facilitate the discovery of insights from ordinary employees.

iPass: It can be used for electronic document transmission, and can set or not limit the order of transmission, which greatly improves the efficiency of physical document transmission.

iMail: It can meet the needs of regular e-mail service and has good security and confidentiality, without the need to purchase professional e-mail service from ASP merchants.

Program Advantage

1. Support mobile office and meet the office needs of field personnel. As long as there is Internet, you can work anywhere, anytime, view the latest information, and handle the things. Everything is more natural.
2. Allow users to customize desktop, interface style, desktop content configuration, and more and more component can be customized.
3. Use LDAP access protocol to make user login more secure and reliable.
4. Use the iDeveloper tool provided by Liandi Information to customize the form function to meet the special office needs of each unit.
5. Multi-level hierarchical management fully meets the organizational management needs of government agencies, institutions and large and medium-sized group enterprises.
6. The permission definition is very flexible. The system administrator can set the operation authority for everyone according to the organization, title or name.
7. Transmission encryption through SSL protocol, support multiple levels of file storage encryption, support encryption machines, IC cards, password locks, fingerprint recognition and other encryption devices.
8. Can quickly complete the customization of specific business functions based on a unified platform, and has good scalability, security and stability, and achieves seamless connection.