What is My Menu?

My Menu is a SaaS style store ERP software for the networked food service. It integrated various function such as seat Booking, ordering, cash register, marketing, store micro portal, background management within WeChat environment, using WIFI facilities dedicated to restaurant wireless.

My Menu is built in the cloud environment, which can be freely used by customers and shop assistants. As long as there is a network, no matter when and where, any terminal can easily make reservations and self-ordering operations.


This software is realized by HTML5 technology, which fully realizes the ERP functions required by both customers and stores. Only stores can set the role of the logo by the "store settings" and "permission settings" logo. Extended customization of personality functions can be carried out according to special needs.

Combination of Cashier

This software provides a combination payment function including deposit, coupon, member discount, etc. It can also be combined with cash, deposit cards, credit cards and consumption coupon.
. If customers use smartphones, they can pay quickly through QR codes such as AliPay, WeChat, QuickPass, etc.

Product Merit

. The SaaS method is not only minimizing initial costs but also rich features. Easy to operate and easy to learn.
. The quality of software and hardware is very good, the rules of authority management are strict, and the system has good stability and security.
. Shop image, special food, recommendation, media and so on can be freely distributed to the micro portal for display. Customers can browse by mobile phone through store-specific WIFI devices.
. Functions can be customized according to the customer's needs. It is also natural to develop interfaces for existing systems such as purchase, sales and warehouse management.