Corporate Vision

"Committed to becoming a world-class Internet application provider based on software products and services!"

Our Mission

Providing better services through specialized information technology, promoting the development of the international information industry and modern service industry, while continuously creating maximum value for customers.

Core Values

The company and each member share the common value pursuit, value evaluation criteria and the spirit they advocate. Regardless of the enterprise as a whole or individual employees, values as a yardstick, measure our own existence significance and behavior.

Open-source innovation:
Through open source of customer, project, business, technology, and innovation of management, system, cooperation, ideology, increasing output value and productivity, and realizing profit-oriented overall.
Pragmatic and Diligent:
Work steadfastly, work diligently, be brave in giving, be willing to contribute, strive to use value orientation as the benchmark, optimize performance, balance oneself, and establish correct values.
Good Morality and Tenacity:
Adhering to the morality of "Strengthen the virtue, Contain everything" and tenacity professionalism, shaping the good brand image of enterprise, focusing on healthy, harmonious, steady and long-term sustainable development.
Strive for Excellence:
Incorporating social responsibility into the development strategy of the company, making it bigger, stronger, deepen and refine, clarify the role orientation, take on responsibilities, be grateful and fulfill the mission of enterprises.

Corporate Positioning

Through its products based on customer requirements and its brand, the company has shaped its unique personality, culture and good image into the minds of consumers and occupied a certain position.

Our Corporate Positioning:
Guided by market demand and business development, and supported by core technologies, we are mainly as an information product vendor who provides software development, product services, and Internet applications.

Enterprise Spirit

The common inner attitude, ideological realm and ideal pursuit of the employees of the enterprise express the spirit of the enterprise and the culture of the enterprise.

Dedication, Moral Service
Observe disciplines, Pay taxes according to laws
Keep promises, pursuit of excellence
Attentive service, be perfection itself
Respect for individuals, Encourage innovation
Supporting education, Solve employment
Participate in public welfare, Send care and love