Guarantee of Values:

Liandi Information is committed to becoming a world-class Internet application provider based on software products and services. Liandi staff adhere to the core values ​​of “open-source innovation, pragmatic and diligent cultivation, good morality and tenacity, strive for excellence” , and carry forward the spirit of enterprise “dedication and service with high moral values”, take corporate value as the benchmark, take the corporate image as the pride. The products are people-oriented, and the service is people-oriented.

Technical/Quality System Assurance:

Based on the long-term accumulation of multi-domain and cross-platform information systems, Liandi Information provides high-quality professional information technology services. Liandi Information not only possesses qualification L2 of software information system integration, but also defines the process specification and quality standard of information system development management with Liandi characteristics according to CMMI-L5 management standard, establishes a special quality assurance team, and continuously improves it during the long-term project implementation process.

Liandi Information has independently developed the project development management system PMIS for the development and management process of the support and traceability project system, and applied it in the implementation process of each project, effectively ensuring the process execution of the management process specification and the achievement of quality standards.

Human Resources Guarantee:

The main management personnel of Liandi Information have experience in consulting, design and integrated management with international work experience, broad international vision and management experience of long-term large-scale application systems. The project managers are senior engineers with development and management experience discovered and cultivated from the development site, they are not only skilled but also good at project management. Liandi Information has a good talent echelon construction system. It has not only a group of senior technical backbone who can overcome difficult and complicated problems, but also abundant active and energetic young technicians.

Liandi Information has been paying attention to and investing a lot of manpower and resources in the company's internal training for a long time to help employees learn to grow, tap the development potential of employees, and give them opportunities for training in time, and cooperate with several colleges and universities to develop the reserve talents, thus guarantee a steady stream of fresh blood.