Mozi said, "Powerful man should help others as soon as possible, wealthy man should share their property with others, learned man should strive to educate others". As a public enterprise, Liandi Information receives the full trust from society, shareholders and employees. While creating profits, Liandi has always been grateful to feed back the society and actively participated in various social public welfare undertakings. Liandi has fulfilled its corporate responsibilities in terms of "tax payment, employment, employees, environment and public welfare", While shouldering business responsibility, Liandi actively fulfills corporate social responsibility and take concrete actions to give back to the society.

Observe Disciplines, Pay Taxes According to Laws

While the benefits of enterprises are increasing year by year, Liandi Information has been adhering to the purpose of "originating from society and being used in society", strictly abiding by national laws and regulations, always adhering to legal operation and paying taxes according to law. Over the years, Liandi has been actively fulfilling obligation of tax, taking development as the premise, constantly expanding the scale of enterprises, expanding tax share, and fulfilling tax tasks. Liandi has made positive contributions to promoting local economic construction and national development.

Supporting Education, Solve Employment

Liandi Information has been supporting the development of China's education with practical actions and helping outstanding students grow up in various ways. Through the recruitment and training of university students and social personnel, Creating more jobs to feed back the society, and contribute actively to solving the problem of social employment. The company has a mature training and education system, equipped with specialized training and education institutions, organize and implement foreign language, professional technology and process norms, project management and other aspects of training. The company's talent ladder development model is a solid guarantee for the continuous development of enterprise, and also creates more jobs for enterprises to repay the society..

People-oriented, Caring for Employees

Liandi Information has always adhered to the "people-oriented" concept of employment, has launched a series of measures in the aspects of staff life, work and spiritual culture. It undertakes the responsibility of protecting staff's life, health and ensuring staff's treatment, takes good care of employees, does well in labor protection, organizes staff activities inside and outside the company, constantly enriches staff's spiritual life, etc., and constructs a caring mechanism for employees, to enable employees to truly take root in Liandi and love Liandi. Besides, it mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees, maintains the stability of employees, promotes the development of enterprises, strengthens the cohesion and combat effectiveness of enterprises, and achieves the harmonious development of enterprises and employees, interdependence and mutual assistance, win-win situation.

Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation

Liandi information actively participates in various environmental public welfare projects, covering the use of green energy, environmental protection and energy conservation, noise reduction and emission reduction. The company's environmental goals are also very clear, that is, to use renewable energy as far as possible, to achieve zero waste, to use products harmless to the environment and natural resources. Liandi people believe that they will play an Encouraging harmonious movement of "Green China".

Devoting Love, Rescuing the Disaster Areas

Liandi Information has always been in line with the concept of "take it from society and return to society", making every effort to devote love, actively cooperate with relevant departments, rescue disaster areas, and help victims rebuild their homes. For example, during the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and Snowstorm in China, we spared no effort to support the disaster areas and help Xiushui Town, Anxian County, build a canteen for the third primary school, it has won unanimous praise from the government and the people, and has played a positive demonstration role in promoting mutual help and care between people.