Providing software product development, sales, customization and technical services

Liandi Information invested in outstanding technical talents to set up a dedicated product technology team, keeping up with the pulse of technology development and the direction of industry development, using domestic and international advanced and popular system construction technology to develop and sell software products and middleware with independent copyrights. At the same time, and provide customers with customized development and standardized post-technical services. So far, many products have been in the leading market position in China, and some products have won the National Torch Program Award and China Excellent Software Award.
iOffice Series products
Medical Self-service Payment System
Liandi Magpie-1000 Intelligent Detection System
Green Energy Management System
GIS Platform Display System
HD Security Monitoring System
Science Park Cloud Service Platform
Enterprise Mobile Office Software SWorker
Visual Data Mining VMStudio
Mobile Intelligent Sales Platform
Mobile Video Monitoring Software

Providing information system consulting, design/development/testing and post-delivery maintenance services

Liandi Information has been consulting, designing and testing software application information systems and provides post-delivery technical maintenance services for domestic and overseas companies for a long time. The company has accumulated rich experience in business system design and R&D, and has built a rigorous and systematic information security and quality assurance system. Through CMMI-L5, ISO27001, ISO9001 and other qualification certifications, it can provide customers with timely, rapid and cost-effective satisfied IT service. Since its establishment, the company has received more than one hundred of project recognition and thanks from customers at home and abroad.
Finance, Insurance, Securities
Power, Telecommunications
Aviation, Public Security
Administration, Office, Public
E-commerce, Medical and Health
Business, Information management
Advertising, Sales Circulation

Providing industry information system consulting, solutions and value-added services

Liandi Information has accumulated sufficient business skills in the long-term business system development process, has a comprehensive package solution service capability from information system planning proposal to system integration import and post-maintenance in the business field. We have qualification L2 of the software system integration, which can provide individualized and comprehensive system integration solutions and comprehensive services for industry customers, and provide value-added services such as system operation and maintenance according to customer needs.
Public Traffic
E-commerce Retail
Intelligent Tourism
Mutual Aid Medical
Finance and Insurance